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Kt Tunstall

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Run to the end 
D                         G 
Run to the end of the pier 
See how the crows are all 
Darker than night 
D                               G 
Blacker than skies in the summer 
If this is my time 
D                          G 
Pistons will grind to a halt 
I lie upon the ground 
It wouldn't be long              
D                                G   Em 
Till circles would form in the sky 

           A                    Em 
And if the crows come down tonight 
              A                      Em 
Pick off your clothes in the pale light 

Have you said all you needed to say? 

Under my feet 
D                           G 
Under my feet, I can hear her 
Overthrowing us all 
D                         G 
Showing us all that we're needless 

        D                      G 
So come closer, closer than that 
           D                   G 
Yeah, come closer, closer than that 
Yeah, come on, blackbirds 
     D                      G   Em 
Come closer, closer than that 

           A                    Em 
And if the crows come down tonight 
              A                    Em 
Pick off your clothes in the pale light 
            A                    Em 
And if the crows come at their might 
             A                      Em 
With their hearts set on our pretty eyes 

Have I said all that I needed to say? 

( D G  ) 

G               D 
All I need to say 
Come on, blackbirds 

( D ) 

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