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Another Place To Fall Chords

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by klynnickes1

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Another Place To Fall

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Em022000 FX33210 G320033 DXX0232 Asus4x02230 D7XX0212 B7X21202
Em Are you blind F Bilnd to me trying to be kind Em Volunteering for your firing line F Waiting for one precious sign Em The flicker of a smile F You should try it just once in a while Em Maybe it's not quite your style F It's simply too easy to do Em F And you might not see it through Em F See it through Em G D Asus4 Em G D Asus4 Find yourself another place to fall Em G D Asus4 Em G D Asus4 Find yourself up against another brick wall Em G D Asus4 Em G D Asus4 Em See your self as a fallen angel G D Well I don't see no holes in the road but you find Asus4 Em Em G D Asus4 another place to fall Are you proud To have founed a brand new behaviour With hatred and hurt as your saviour But nobody's choosing to follow So you choke back the tears and you swallow Men who have ruined your life You consume them with minimum strife But now you have got indigestion The antacid comes as a question
Are you alive is there a young woman hiding inside Does she know that we're trying to help Is she totally frozen with fear Can she feel can she hear can she see? If you let her come out for a day She might even like it and stay But it's gonna take you to invite her Coz you seem so determined to spite her
D7 B7 There isn't much more I can say D7 For I don't understand the delay B7 You're asking for friendly advice D7 And remaining in permanent crisis B7 Affection is yours if you ask D7 But first you must take off your mask B7 When your back's turned I've decided Em I'll throw it away just like I did

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