Kitty Kallen

I'll Walk Alone

Kitty Kallen

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I'll Walk Alone

(Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne)

A7   G/B  A7 D  D6 
I'll walk alone 
           Bm7           C7         B7  Em7      A7 
Because to tell you the truth, I'll be lonely 
Am       B7         E7       E5-/7 
I don't mind being lonely 
          A7            D  Bm7           E5-/7   A9 
When my heart tells me you   are lonely, too 
A9   G/B A7 D D6 
I'll walk alone 
                Bm7          C7        B7  Em7       A7 
They'll ask me why, and I'll tell them I'd rather 
Am         B7            E7       E5-/7 
There are dreams I must gather 
  A7                     D    Bm7             Am    D 
Dreams we fashioned that night   you held me tight 

     G                   Gm 
I'll always be near you, wherever you are 
     D7M/F#         D6/9 
Each night in ev'ry prayer 
   G#m5-/7          C#7        G#m5-/7      C#7 
If you call, I'll hear you, no matter how far  
               F#m5-/7  Cdim            Em5-/7  A7/9- 
Just close your eyes,      and I'll be there 
       G/B  A7    D C Fdim D 
Please walk alone 
               Bm7          C7    B7   Em7         A7 
And send your love and your kisses to guide me 
Am         B7        E7     
Til you're walking beside me 
Em7  Cdim  Edim  D6 Em Edim  D6 
I'll walk   alone 

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