Kitty Kallen

Besame Mucho

Kitty Kallen

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Besame Mucho

(Consuelo Velasquez)

Intro: Am7 E7/9+ Am7 E7/9+ 

Am     Am7+        Dm      Dm7+ 
Besame,     besame mucho. 
A7          Dm7           E7/9-       Fdim        Am 
Each time I cling to your kiss I hear music divine 
A7/9-   A7       Dm   Dm7+  Dm7  Dm5-/7 
Besame,  besame mucho 
Am          C7          B7             Fdim       E7/13- 
Hold me my darling and say that you'll always be mine 
Dm7         E7/9-           Am        Am7+ 
This joy is something new, my arms enfolding you 
Dm7        E7/9-             Am7 
Never knew this thrill before 
Dm7     E7/9-           Am          Am7 
Whoever thought I'd be holding you close to me 
C7                B7        Fdim   E7/13- 
Whispering, "It's you I adore" 
Am          Am7+                 Dm      Dm7+ 
Dearest one,     if you should leave me 
A7          Dm7              E7/9-         Fdim           Am 
Each little dream would take wings and my life would be through 
A7/9-   A7        Dm   Dm7+  Dm7  Dm5-/7 
Besame,   besame mucho 
Am7           C7          Gdim        Fdim   E7/9-    Am 
Love me forever and make all my dreams come true 

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