Kitty Kallen

Aba Daba Honeymoon

Kitty Kallen

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Aba Daba Honeymoon

( Arthur Fields and Walter Donovan)

Way down in the Congo land lived a happy chimpanzee  
C            G7              D         G  
She loved a monkey with a long tail lordy how she loved him  
Each night he would find her there swingin' in the coconut tree  
G7                                                        D7     G  
And the monkey gay at the break of day loved to hear his chimpie say  
Aba daba daba daba daba daba dab said the chimpie to the monk  
Aba daba daba daba daba daba dab said the monkey to the chimp  
All night long they'd chatter away all day long they were happy and gay  
D7                             G7  
Swingin' and singin' in their honky tonky way  
Aba daba daba daba daba daba dab means monk I love but you  
E7                                  Am  
Aba daba dab in monkey talk means chimp I love you too  
           F                                 C              A7  
Then the big baboon one night in June he married them and very soon  
      D7              G7        C  
They went upon their aba daba honeymoon 

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