Jukebox Music


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Jukebox Music

A G D A 
Little lady plays her favorite records on the juke box every day 
A G D A 
All day long she plays the same old songs and she believes the things that they say 
A G D A 
Other ladies like to prance around and flirt and dance the whole night through 
A G D A 
She just sits and listens to the juke box records cause that's all that she wants to do 


D G D G 
She sings along with all the saddest songs and she believes the stories are real 
D G (Riff 1) 
She lets the music dictate the way that she feels 

A D G D A It's only juke box music, only juke box music. It's only music.. ..only juke box music only juke box music.
(Same chords as verse) It's all because of that music that we're slowly drifting apart But it's only there to dance to, so ya shouldn't take it to heart. Music, only juke box music. Only music, only juke box music. (Use Main Riff for Outro)

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