Guess It's Alright


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Guess It's Alright

Year: 2013 -


A     E       B C#m  
Standing by myself  
I can't wait to see those eyes  
You are my answer  
To the sugar coated lies  

And I look up to the sky and see the The sun is shining  
what am I s´posed to do about ya and the way i'm feeling  
Cos I looked inside my heart and I... I can't stop this feeling  
that's the way oh  let's just let it play  

Well I guess it's alright if i'm your baby Well I guess it's alright if i'm your baby
Holding out your hand I don't know what I might say next Is this your master plan? I'm an android to your subtext Bridge Refrão The world is suffocating I might me lose my mind I though I knew myself, but I know now love is blind Bridge Refrão (2x) (Solo) Is this how you stand when you're together? Is this how you walk when you're in love? You are my canvas soul mate Gemini Eye to eye to eye to eye

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