Keaton Henson


Keaton Henson

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Capo on 5th fret

Am  C          G      C      Am  C          G      C 
Oh mama, she broke my head 
Am  C          G      C      Am  C          G      C 
It's been four years and it does not end 
Am  C          G      C 
Oh mama I lost my mind 
Am  C          G      C      Am  C          G      C 
but you must've heard that a dozen times 
Am  C          G      C      Am  C          G      C 
yeah, you must've heard that a dozen times, 
Am      G      C 
today, today, today 

Am               C 
On the way to my hotel 
G                             C 
I found myself wishing I lived there 
Am               C 
On the way to my own home 
G                             C 
I still felt alone but I knew that you'd be there, 

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