Katie Armiger


Katie Armiger

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Intro: Am G F E 


Am                                       E 
There's only so much of a person that you can take apart 
G                          Am 
You already shattered me, not even left my heart 
Now I'm dying on your doorstep 
And you're watchin' me crawl 
E                                                  G       E          
And I don't want to be caught here where it's never your fault 

Am Cause I've given you all of me, E And now you're leavin' me to bleed G E Ohh
Am G F E Verse Am E You've broken all of me and now you're scattering the parts G And it's obvious that you don't care Am And love was never really there Am I'm not gonna stand around here E When you're already gone G E I'm tired of listening, excuses go on and on
Am Cause I've given you all of me, E And now you're leavin' me to bleed G E Ohhhh.
Am G F E Am G F E Bridge E It was never about me, Am It was always about what you could be E And now that you left I realize G D You were just a knight in disguise. Am Given you all of me G And I'm not gonna sit here and bleed. E Am Noooo. Am G F E Am G F E Am

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