Kali Uchis

Body Language

Kali Uchis

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Body Language


We could burn out on the boardwalk 
Let our bodies do the talk 
That's body language, it tell's a lot 
Your body baby, cast spells on moi 
You asked for it, then you got it 
I will give you any and everything 
Just take it now, just take it all 
Just go ahead and take all of me 
Why not take all of me 
Can't you see that I want you most 
Let me take you out on a date 
Let me take you from coast to coast 
Can you take me somewhere we never have been 
And then we can make a toast 
Cheers to everything that we'll be 
Here's to everything that we want 
Every time I start looking at you and start thinking about you 
I see the most 
You should have a hallucinogen named after you 
Let me get my dose 
Chorus Bbm Yeah I gotta lot to do today (do today) Bbm Imma start by blowing fakes away (fakes away) Bbm If I wanna leave, I'll never stay (never stay) Bbm Gb Wouldn't have it any other way (other way) Bbm I'm just doing what I gotta do (gotta do) Ab Bbm Gb Bbm If you want me, you would do it to (do it to) Bbm I'm just taking closer, closer to you (close to you)
verse 2 Bbm Tired of talking, I can see right through you words Your anguish You're made of steel So stainless The feelings real Ab So painless Bbm You know the drill So can this beware Bbm Whenever your name came up I just feel enough trying to get out my gut (out my gut) Bbm Ab We don't gotta talk about the feelings Bbm Gb Fate, coincidence, ain't this just good luck (just good luck) Bbm Look, all them other girls just wanna make you horny Young bugs, thirsty for attention, too (attention, too) Ab I really don't mean to make it all sound corny Gb But when I feel at home is whenever I'm with you

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