Júpiter Maçã

Collectors Inside Collections

Júpiter Maçã

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Collectors Inside Collections

Written by Flavio Basso

	  		Intro Fm  Bbm  F7  Bb7 

F7M                           Bb7M 
Meeting people standing right there 
              Am7  D9  Gm7  C7(9-) 
Studying with care, collectors 
F7M                    Bb7M 
Meeting shiny people around 
                Am7  D(9)  Gm7  C7(9-) 
Flaming flower ground, collection 
F7M                   Bb7M 
Reality for me as for you 
                Am7  D(9)  Gm7  C7(9-) 
The old becomes brand, new action 

Gm7          Am7            Gm7 
I'm going through takes of life 
           Am7         Gm7          Am7 
That I'm used to be so kind, after know 
Collectors inside collection 

Dm  C  Bb  Am  Dm  C  Am  
Dararadadararadadarara daaaa 

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