Julien Baker

Funeral Pyre

Julien Baker

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Funeral Pyre

verse 1 
I wake up with the same pain every night 
Am         F         C         G 
Digging a hatchet into my left side 
Clearing my chest of something to burn 
Am        F          C       G            F 
Ash for a decorative urn you keep in your mantelpiece; 
       F                       C          
Like a trophy for everything 
     C        Em          C  Em 
That withers eventually 

Am          G                C          F   
Call me a coward, but I'm too scared to leave 
      Am          G                C          F   
'cause I want you to be the last thing I see, oh come on 
Am          G                C          F   
Call me a coward, but I'm too scared to leave 
            Am      G             C            F 
Watched you pouring lighter fluid out onto the leaves 

C C And I would've loved you with the dying fire Em Let you smother me down to the embers Am F C G F Frostbite turning my limbs as black as cinder of funeral pyre C And I would have stayed if you asked me to Em Stood outside till my lips turn blue Em I wouldn't have blamed you Am F C G F For leaving me there on the porch while you drank gasoline F 'cause it's what you needed so bad
Outro C And it's true Em Am F C G F It's nothing that we could do

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