Julien Baker

Claws In Your Back

Julien Baker

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Claws In Your Back

Intro: Bm  D  G  Em 


Bm               D 
Collecting the circles that tell us 
     G             Em 
How old we are beneath our eyelids 
 Bm           D            G 
Wearing a purple badge to prove what I did 
            Em             Bm 
Pump the vitals out of my wrist 
               D            G             Em           Bm    D    G    Em 
'Cause I'm conducting an experiment on how it feels to die 
           Bm    D     G     Em 
Or stay alive 

Bm                D                  G 
So try to stay calm, 'cause nobody knows 
              Em                   Bm 
The violent partner you carry around 
                    D                   G 
With claws in your back, ripping your clothes 
                    Em              Bm 
And listing your failures out loud 
                      D                  G 
It's more than the skeleton next to my coat 
                    Em                       Bm 
The black that I held in the back of my throat 
                  D               G 
Follows you straight into the dark; 
              Em                 Bm   D  G 
The easy way out and the hardest part 
              Bm  D  G       Em 
When it won't leave me alone 
      Bm         G 
I'm better off learning 
How to be 
   Em        Bm 
Living with demons I've 
    G           D 
Mistaken for saints 
       Em          Bm 
If you keep it between us 
    G                 D 
I think they're the same 
    Em         Bm 
I think I can love 
      G            D 
The sickness You made 
             Em       Bm               G 
'Cause I take it all back, I changed my mind 
            D     Em     Bm     G 
I wanted to stay 
             D    Bm     G 
I wanted to stay 

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