Julian Drive

Always There

Julian Drive

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Always There

verse 1 

   D                                    G 
I read, You said, You'd never leave or forsake me 
       D          Bm 
If I would just believe 
   D                             G 
I read, You said, Your love is everlasting 
     Bm          E 
With me You will be 

Bm Am G Bm G A You are my wings when I'm falling, flying through the air Bm A G G A G D Your hand lifts me up My Lord, my God, You're always there Bm A G Bm G A You hear my voice when I'm calling, take away my fear Bm A G A G D Your Spirit in me My Lord, my God You're always there
verse 2 D G D Bm I read, You said, if I ascend to the Heavens You would be there too D G I read, You said, You will search and know me Bm E You'll see me through Bridge Em Based on everything that I've heard Bm A G I will spend my life, standing on the Word

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