Why Not Me


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Why Not Me

Capo on 3rd fret
You've been looking for love all around the world  
                                                 F C         G 
Baby don't you know this country girls still free,   why not me 
Well you finally come down to your own hometown  
                                            F C        G 
Your Kentucky girl's been waiting patiently,   why not me 
D Why not me on a rainy day F C G Why not me to love your cares away, why not me D Why not me when the nights get cold F C G Why not me when your growin' old, why not me
G You've been searchin' from here to Singapore F C G Ain't it time that you noticed the girl next door baby, why not me G Well you had to see if the world was round F C G It's time that you learned how good settling down could be, why not me ==Repeat chorus==

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