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Sunny Day Chords

Joy Williams

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by andrsouza

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Sunny Day

(Joy Williams & Tim Myers)

  		Intro 2x: C  G  Am  F 

C         G 
I open my eyes 
I look to the sky 
it's a sunny day 

C                       G 
the world is looking so bright 
what a surprise 
it's a sunny day 

Am        G 
oh oh oh oh oh ohooo... 

C G Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme what I want Am F I want sunshine, sunshine C G Gimme Gimme Gimme cuz it's been so long Am F I want sunshine, sunshi-iine C F Am G (ah-ah-ine)
C G I'm feeling so free Am like a summer breeze oh, F It must be magic C G I forget all my plans Am put my toes in the sand F I just can't help it Am G oh oh ooh oh ohhh Am G we're two of a kind C G Am F like blue birds singing out a simple tune Am G if you don't mind C G Am F it's the perfect kind of day to fall in love G with you ( C G Am F )

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