Jonathan Seet

Precious Things

Jonathan Seet

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Precious Things

Intro: C   Em   Am  A  Am C Em G F A 

C                              Em 
It's just too hard to hear you say 
The world is such a better place 
    D        C                G 
Without you here, I need you here 
           C   Am 
It's just too hard 

Am C Em Am C G Am F Am E 

    C                       Em 
The devil cries when angels fall 
Because you know he knew them all 
              C                  G 
And heaven's loss is not hell's gain 
The devil cries 

Em F Am C Em A F#m C G Am G 

            D                    Am 
And even precious things get lost 
            D                 Am 
And even precious things get lost 
              D                  Am 
You put them down and someone's taken off 
With them 

Em Am F#m C G Am F 

        Am  C               Em 
So give me hope any way you can 
            Am                A      Am 
I need to know that there's a plan 
             C         G 
Where we can be, together be 
So give me hope 

Am F Am 

            C      Bm    D 
So give me hope 
         F         Am 
Give me hope...  
             D     Bm    D 
You give me hope... 
Give me hope... 

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