Jonathan Rhys Meyers

This Time

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

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This Time

	  		VERSE 1: 
D2   Bm5+(?)        D2   Bm5+   D2    Bm5+             D2   Bm5+ 
Tonight the sky above           reminds me of you, love 
                Em7                             D2       Bm5+ 
Walking through wintertime where the stars all shine 
D2  Bm5+          D2   Bm5+   D2     Bm5+           D2  Bm5+ 
The angel on the stairs        will tell you I was there 
          Em7                              D2  Em7  F#m  Bm/G      
Under the front porch light on a mystery night 

Bm/G D2 I've been sitting watching life pass from the sidelines Bm/G Em7 Been waiting for a dream to seep in through my blinds Bm/G Bm5+ I wondered what might happen if I left this all behind A Bm/G Would the wind be at my back ? Could I get you off my mind D2 Bm5+ (to interlude Bm/G Em7 Bm/G Em7 Bm/G Em7 Bm/G Bm5+ A?) This time
VERSE 2: The neon lights in bars and headlights from the cars Have started a symphony inside of me The things I left behind have melted in my mind And now there's a purity inside of me

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