Jonathan David Helser

Beautiful Surrender

Jonathan David Helser

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Beautiful Surrender

	  		verse 1 

       Eb                        Bb 
You are Jesus, Son of God, Son of Man 
           Eb                        Bb 
I call You Savior, with nail scarred hands 
               Eb                 Bb 
You will be my sun in the morning light 
             Eb                 Bb 
Bringing redemption to my dark night 

Eb Bb Beautiful Surrender is where I wanna be Eb Bb Locked into Your arms, for all eternity Eb Bb Come and take my hand, You can lead me where You please Eb (Bb) That Beautiful Surrender is chasing after me
verse 2 Eb Bb I am beloved, full of faith, standing tall Eb Bb Confident and brave, ready to fall Eb Bb Into Your light, You are the voice that calls Eb Bb With no reservation, I surrender all Bridge Gm F Bb Cm Eb F Bb Bb/D I surrender all my heart and soul to You my love

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