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The Seventh Son Chords

Johnny Rivers

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The Seventh Son

  		(E throughout all verses) 
Everybody talkin' 'bout the seventh son 
In the whole wide world there is only one 

A E I'm the one, I'm the one B I'm the one, I'm the one A E The one they call the seventh son
Verse 2: I can tell your future, it will come to pass I can do things to you make your heart feel glad Look in the sky, predict the rain Tell when a woman's got another man (chorus) Verse 3: I can talk these words that will sound so sweet They will even make your little heart skip a beat Heal the sick, raise the dead Make the little girls talk out of their heads (chorus) (instrumental: 4 measures of E, then pattern of chorus, then 4 more measures of E) (repeat verse 3 then repeat chorus twice)

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