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Resurrection Chords

Johnny Rivers

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by HaroDenis

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(Bob Ray)


G    D   EM 
G    D   EM  G 

     D            Em D       C       Am   
One day a man woke up to the rising sun 
Bm             Em        G 
He said that I see you 
         D                        Em     D 
Cast your breath, it's filled with fire 
   C             Am 
And light that's from my soul 
Bm          Em       C   G 
Holds me in stillness 
    D             Em     G 
And on the road we walk 
       D                  Em    D  G 
Seems to take a long long time 
               D                Em    Dm  G  C 
My clothes are tattered and I'm lost 
           Bm            Am    C   G 
My mind is scattered far behind 
          D                    Em      D   
Young man sees through eyes of jewels 
         C       Am        Bm 
And with all his thoughts 
        Em          G 
Beating inside him 
           D               Em     D   
Contacting all the ones he meets 
        C      Am 
Who can barely see 
     Bm               Em         C    G 
But he can't live without them, yeah 
           D               Em    G 
With magic life and starry moon 
           D               Em  D  G 
With starry eyes the river moves 
              D         Em  Dm  C 
Beating into meter everyone 
              Bm              Am   Cmaj7 
Beating into life the god of suns 

Dmaj7  Dm  D  Dm  C  G 

        D              Em      D 
Pot of gold will tell no lies 
         C          Am 
Which we share with friends 
      Bm            Em      G 
What do you give to others? 
        D              Em     D 
Just realize we're not alone 
          C          Am 
There are lovers and friends 
Bm         Em          D 
All to be discovered 

Dm  Em  Dmaj7  Dm  C  G 

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