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Midnight Special Chords

Johnny Rivers

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

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Midnight Special

  		D                                G 
Well, you wake up in the mornin' 
You hear the work bell ring 
And they march you to the table 
You see the same old thing 
Ain't no food upon the table 
And no fork up in the pan 
But you'd better not complain, boy 
You'll get in trouble with the man 
N/c G Let the midnight special D Shine the light on me A7 Let the midnight special D Shine the light on me G Let the midnight special D Shine the light on me A7 Let the midnight special D Shine the ever-lovin' light on me
One day, one day, Sir I was walking along I heard that Midnight Special Singing a lonesome song Oh, let the Midnight Special Shine her light on me Let the Midnight Special Shine her ever lovin light on me If you ever go to Houston You know you better walk right You know you better not stagger You know you better not fight 'Cause the sheriff will just arrest you You know he'll carry you down And you can bet your bottom dollar Oh Lord, you're penitentiary bound Chorus Yonder come Miss Rosie How in the world do you know? I can tell her by her apron And the dress she wore Umbrella on her shoulder Piece of paper in her hand Goes a marchin to the Captain (or come to see the Governor) Says I want my man (or she's gonna free her man) Chorus Now here comes jumpin' Judy I'll tell you how I know You know, Judy brought jumpin' To the whole wide world She brought it in the morning Just about the break of day You know, if I ever get to jumpin' Oh Lord, I'll up and jump away. Tabber's note: This may seem like a fictitious tale from the 1940s, but up until the 1980s, vagrients and hipppies were sent to the Harris County Pea Farm for 30 days - Without notice to even your family. Quite often we'd find missing band members out in the field,so to speak.

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