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Ashes And Sand Chords

Johnny Rivers

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by europeu

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Ashes And Sand

  		INTRO Am Gm G#m Am Gm G#m 

These feelings have been building up 
Around us for a long time 
Am                        Bb 
I remember days when your true lovin' ways 
                         Dm         D       C 
Flowed thru my life just like sweet wine 
And lately you've been acting strange 
You feel you need a change 
There's nothing I can do to make you stay 
Gm                 G                        Gm 
So if you must say goodbye 
Bb                                      F   Bb 
This is as good a time as any for me to cry 

How can they say that somehow 
It all works out for the good 
When life can be so cruel 
C        Bb                             Dm 
You feel just like a fool, you know you should 
Gm                           Bb           Am 
What happened to our dreams, all our well laid schemes 
            Bb                          F      C 
We just let them slip right on thru our hands 
And all that's left when the fire is gone 
Bb                                     F      Am Gm Am 
Is just some ashes and a little bit of sand. 

Dm                            G 
So naive to think it could be sunshine all the way 
              Am      Bb 
Look out here comes a rainy day 
You know, I'll always love you deep inside 
          D#                       Dm 
And girl, I know you never lied to me 
B                                F# 
Oh there was a time we could fly so high 
They couldn't catch us if they tried 
D#m           D#               G# 
They couldn't catch us if they tried. 


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