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True Blue Chords

John Williamson

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True Blue

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1 2 3 4 E|--------------------------------| B|--------------------------------| G|3-----------2---------------2---| D|------0h3---------------2-------| A|1-----------0-------3-----------| E|--------------------------------| (x3) 1 2 3 4 E|------------0---------------0---| B|--------1---------------1-------| G|----0---------------0-----------| D|--------------------------------| A|3---------------3---------------| E|--------------------------------|
(Hey True Blue) F C Bb F C Bb Hey True Blue, don't say you've gone F Bb F C Say you've knocked off for a smoke-oh, and you'll be back later on Gm Gm/Bb C Hey True Blue Gm Gm/Bb C Hey True Blue F C Bb F C Bb Give it to me straight, face to face F Bb F C Are you really disappearing, just another dying race Gm Gm/Bb C, Gm Gm/Bb C Hey True Blue CHORUS: F Bb F Bb True Blue, is it me and you F Bb F Bb Is it mum and dad, is it a cockatoo F Bb F Bb Is it standing by your mate when {he's / she's} in a fight F C Or just vegemite (INTRO) True Blue, I'm asking you Hey True Blue, can you bear the load Will you tie it up with wire just to keep the show on the road Hey True Blue Hey True Blue Now be fair dinkum, is your heart still there If they sell us out like sponge cake, do you really care Hey True Blue CHORUS x2 FOR FINAL CHORUS: F C Or just vegemite Bb F True Blue, True Blue

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