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I Know Better Chords

John Legend

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by abelamin

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I Know Better

verse 1 
They say sing what you know 
                F            Dm7 
But I've sung what they want 
Some folks do what they're told 
               F           Dm7 
But baby this time I won't 
      F                  C                  
Will look through that door 
I know the truth from lie 
       F                 C           Dm  
Some things I've done before I can't justify 

There are kings in my past 
                  F6          Dm7 
Things no one can be proud of 
But I stand in the light I've cast 
                        F6         Dm7 
And turn away from any lack of love 
            F                   C 
Oh, when I walked through that door 
I say here I go 
         F              C 
You see me and nothing more 
I'm singing what I know 
C F I know better C F I know better
verse 2 C Legend is just a name F Dm7 I know better than to be so proud C I won't drink in all this fame F Dm7 I'll take more love than I'm allowed Pre-Chorus F C Dm I won't hide or cut it off from where it came F C Dm My history has brought me to this place F C Dm This power and the color of my face
C F And I know better C F I know better
Bridge Am C F6 I'll rise from the floor if I don't win Am C F6 I'll bust upon that door so let me in Am C F And the music chooses me to sing I let her Dm F I'll sing what I know, yes
C F I know better, oh C F I know better, yes C F I know better C F I know better
Outro C F x3 C

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