John Frusciante


John Frusciante

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Intro - Que se repete nos versos da música E|------------------| B|-----4---4---4----| G|-------5---5---5--| D|---5----5---5---5-| A|-3----------------| E|------------------| (4x)
Cm Gm Bb F It's not the way I go Cm Gm Bb F It's not the way I go Cm Gm Bb F No one here hears me Cm Gm Bb F intro ( Cm ) I'm sick of people knowing me Bb F ( Cm ) Life's confusing me Bb F There's so much I don't see Cm Gm Bb F Something's controlling me ( Cm Gm Bb F ) Cm Gm Bb F It's no way to live Cm Gm Bb F I haven't got a thing to give Cm Gm Bb F And as those signs trad off Cm Gm Bb F ( Cm ) I'm a line from loud to soft Bb F - ( Cm ) For what I have to say Bb F I wanted to build a stage Cm Gm Bb F Cm I wanted to feel this way Bb F This way ( Eb7+ Cm ) (2x) Eb7+ Cm All these things are real Eb7+ Cm I don't know my own field Eb7+ Cm You will prove me wrong Bb I don't know one Cm Gm Bb F (2x) Cm Gm Bb F I see now what I've got Cm Gm Bb F It reveals just what it's not Cm Gm Bb F Someday I'll take it away Cm Gm Bb F Cm There's nothing for me anyway Bb F Cm Love don't choose me Bb F Wide don't see a thing Cm Gm Bb F Cm Wide don't see a thing Bb F A thing ( Eb7+ ) (2x) Eb7+ Cm What I'm saying is now Eb7+ Cm I don't know what it's about Eb7+ Cm I wander through the dawn Bb So much goes on Eb7+ Cm Who will make me run Eb7+ Cm I admit I might be wrong Eb7+ Cm These letters shelter me now Bb I wonder how

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