John Frusciante

A Corner Chords

John Frusciante

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by lucicamargo

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A Corner

Key:  Dm More
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Intro:  Dm  C  Gm 

I mean it 
Dm                     C    Gm 
I wouldn't go outside 
    Am     Gm 
And walk around 
Dm            F           C    Bb 
They may fear for your life 
   F C   Gm               Bb 
But i reach this conclusion 

F                   C 
Everyone's in a corner 
Gm            Bb 
Face to the wall 
  F                   C 
I never looked the other way 
     Gm             Bb 
I'm not allowed to at all 
F                   C 
Great is my confusion 
   Gm                Bb 
It never lets me be 
F                      C 
No one said to be here 
I was punished by me 

Dm   C     Gm 
Aa - aaa - aaa  (2x) 

Dm                       C   Gm 
And there's a weeping fire 
           Am      Gm 
That's high as a mountain 
Dm             F               C         Bb 
And we go all the way up 
            F     C       Gm    Bb 
To the top 
F                  C              Gm     Bb 
Great is my confusion oo oo 
    F                     C 
It never lets me down 

Gm                  Bb 
Never lets me down   oo  oo 
F               C          Gm     Bb 
Everyone's in a corner 
             F              C 
They'll never turn around 
Gm               Dm 
Never turn around 

            Dm  C  Gm 
There's no way 

Bb       C        Dm 
Naa naa na na na naaa 
C     Dm    C   G 
Naa naa   naa naa

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