John Frinzi

Paradise Quickly

John Frinzi

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Paradise Quickly

Intro: F G C Dm F G C 

C E7 F G I was looking around, I saw buildings and streets C E7 F G To hell with all that, I'm building a beach. F G C A Where everything?s sunny and nothing goes wrong, F G Dm C The men all wear flip-flops, the girls all wear thongs.
E7 Over there will be sea grass, right there is the pier, F A volleyball court, surf shop, and free beer, E7 Concessions that sell Jello shots and sun lotion, F G Plenty of palm trees the wind keeps in motion. C E7 F G A bike rental tent and twenty-four bars, C E7 F G A dozen trash cans and no police cars, C E7 F G Lifeguard towers, an arcade, and a strand, F G C Plus plenty of space for water and sand.
E7 Teak lounging chairs, big beach umbrellas, F Truck tire tubes for floating the shallows, E7 An ice cream stand where no one goes broke, F G An open-air bandstand with No Kareoke, C E7 F G Plenty of space between the playground for the kiddies, C E7 F G And the big topless section, so the tots can't see skin, C E7 F G At five every day, an Awards Cere mony, F G C When we honor the party and weed out the phonies.
E7 The name of my beach is Southeast Saint Breezy F The schedule is slow and the living is easy, E7 Relax in the condos, with no sales gimmicks, F G Fish sandwich lunches, and naps in the hammocks. C E7 F G The day-sailors all make it home by sun down, C E7 F G It's premier, inclusive, and no money down, C E7 F G It's all going to happen, and this one?s the truth, F G C No waiting in line at the Fun Ticket booth.

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