John Cale

China Sea

John Cale



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China Sea

	  		Intro:  C  G  C  G 

C                        G 
Seems like you're always dreaming 
Your mind is wandering far away 
Thinking 'bout your boy in China 
Junkie on the China Sea   
Bm      C      C#      D                       G   
Oh your mother told me so, you're gonna be all right 

Don't let your heart get broken 
You know how much he loved to sail 
Remember how you heard that steamer whistle blowing 
Made him cry all day 
Oh, mama, she done told me so, you're gonna be all right 

Em D Am F          D    C  Em  D  C  Em D   G  Am  F  Am  F 
Ooooooooh (2X)   

D#    Bb        G#     
I can hear that whistle 
D#    Bb      G#     
I can hear it blowing  (repeat) 

by: Josť Duarte 
[email protected]

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