John Cale

Bamboo Floor

John Cale



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Bamboo Floor

	  		C                F      C   F       C              F      C     F 
Wednesday is the day of rest in the house with the bamboo floor 
    C               F       C     F       C            F      C      
I'm picking off the barroom flies just in case I need another glass 

F                                    C 
It's so hot and the mirror's gettin' dull 
F                                         C 
I couldn't see it, I couldn't see it if I tried 
F                                Bb                 C 
The man in the mask has sold out all for nothin' at all 
        Dm                    F          G        C    F  C  F  C 
Now the monsoon's here and it feels like judgment day. 

Watch out for the ego's eye or the opium on the breakfast tray 
And the laughter of the dying monk from the poison of the tsetse fly 

All the mountains, they have no sides 
And the robbers, they have a thousand lies 
You can see it all in the rivers of Shanghai 
Another monsoon's here and it feels like judgment day. 

by: Josť Duarte 
[email protected]

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