John Cale


John Cale

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Intro: D  G  D  G (2x) 

D          G 
Andalucia when can I see you 
D                   G 
When it is snowing out again 
D                      G            
Farmer John wants you, louder and softer  
D                   G 
Closer and nearer, then again 
G          A     
...Needing you  
G          A 
...Taking you  
G           A 
...Keeping you  
G           A 
...Leaving you 
      G          A         G    A 
In a year and a day to be sure 
           G            A          G            A       G 
That your face doesn't alter, your words never falter  
 Gmaj7  D 
I love you 

Interlude: D  G  D  G 

D                     G 
I'll be here waiting later and later 
D                     G 
Hoping the night will go away 
D          G 
Andalucia, castles and Christians 
D          G 
Andalucia come to stay 
G             A 
...You were lost  
G          A 
...Once before  
G        A 
...On a day  
G              A 
...Much like this 
            G           A            G     A 
When you'd made up your mind not to come 
       G           A            G           A 
And I couldn't persuade you or wait till tomorrow  
  Gmaj7      D 
Or pass the time 

Interlude: D  G  D  G 

Repeat 1st verse 

Outro: D  G  D  G (repeat and fade out) 

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