Joey Albert

It's Over Now

Joey Albert

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It's Over Now

F Bb F Bb  

F         Bb              F 
You  you turned and walk away 
    Bb                F 
I didn't know what to say 
  F7        Bb       Am Dm  
I closed my eyes to hide 
    Gm             C 
The pain I felt inside 
F         Bb         F 
I could never understand 
    Bb        A7      Dm 
How love went out of hand 
                 G            C 
And now there's nothing I can do 

F Bb Though the feeling hasn't passed C F Sad to say our love didn't last Dm Gm Please don't ask me to pretend C Bb C 'Cause I know it's over G# C# When I'm done forgetting you Eb G# You can say what you wanted to Fm Bbm Please don't ask me to pretend Eb Eb7 G# C# G# C# 'Cause I know it's over now
F Bb F Now I'm left here all alone Bb F A heart without a home F7 Bb Am Dm How will I ever find Gm C The love I left behind F Bb F Once the days were ours to share Bb A7 Dm Now you don't even care G C And there's still nothing I can do (Repeat Chorus except last word) F ... now (Repeat Chorus except last word) (Adlib) ... now Interlude F Bb C F Dm Gm C Bb C G# C# Eb G# Fm Bbm Eb Eb7 (Repeat Chorus except last word) (Coda) ... now Coda: (Do Chorus chords fade)

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