Joe Walsh


Joe Walsh

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D A D A D A D A D A e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------3--3p--2-----3--3----2--------3--3p--2-----2------3--3p--2-----3--3--2--2------| G|-------2--2p--2-----2--2----2--------2--2p--2-----2------2--2p--2-----2--2--2--2------| D|-------4--4p--2-----4--4----2--------4--4p--2-----2------4--4p--2-----4--4--2--2------| A|---0------------0-----------0-----0-------------0------0-----------0--------0--0------| E|-------------------------------0------------------------------------------------------| G F# E A D A D A D A D A D A G F# E A e|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------2---3--3p--2-----3--3p--2----2-------3--3p--2----3--3p--2----3--3--2--2---------------2-| G|----------0---0----2---2--2p--2-----2--2p--2----2-------2--2p--2----2--2p--2----2--2--2--2--------0--0---2-| D|---------0---------2---4--4p--2-----4--4p--2----2-------4--4p--2----4--4p--2----4--4--2--2-------0-------2-| A|-------------------0------------0------------0-------0------------0----------0---------------------------0-| E|-0--2--3----2---0---------------------------------0-----------------------------------------0-2-3---2--0---|
- A Can't think of any reason D Don't know exactly why A Must be it's out of season G F# A Give it another try A I'm out here in the meadow D Part of an old stone wall A Stand here because he said so G F# A Waitin' around to fall Intro Riff A Some things are left unspoken D Some things are handme down A The circle stands unbroken G F# E A Sendin' it back around A I've seen you roll in clover D Dressed for a scarecrow wall A Too bad the dance is over G F# E A Nothin' to show at all Instrumental A Can't help but feel uncertain D Knowing which way to turn A They want to raise the curtain G F# E A And you're holdin' the words to learn A I'm out here in the meadow D Part of an old stone wall A Stand here because he said so G F# E A Waitin' around to fall Intro Riff

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