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Miss Me Chords

Joe Purdy

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by aleffederico

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Miss Me

Key:  C More
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Capo on 3rd fret

Intro: C Am F G (2x) 

   C                      Am                     F G 
Some movie star told you this ain't where it's at. 
  C                         Am                      F G       
So you packed your bags and one night you headed out. 
  C                              Am                      
Said, these small town blues got you going insane 
 F                    G 
gone into the city, gonna change your name 
  C                        Am 
and you never look back at where you came 
  F                G 
swore you'll never be the same. 

C           Am F G 
Do you miss me? 
C           Am F G 
Do you miss me? 

 C                                Am    
You're a big girl now, got your big shoes 
     F                          G 
and you're running around with big girl blues 
 C                                 Am  
and I know you don't doubt yourself anymore 
    F                                G 
no, when you feel like leaving, walk out the door 
 C                                    Am 
and I bet you ain't got nothin left to learn 
   F                            G 
it's better that way cause you never get burned 
C                                    Am 
and you try not to think about what might have been 
 F                               G 
cause you know this town is just sink or swim 

C           Am F G 
Do you miss me? 
C           Am F G 
Do you miss me? 
C           Am F G 
Do you miss me? 

C Am F G 

Well the last time I say you were waving goodbye 
from the back of the train with a tear in your eye. 

Now I hear you're in love with some big city man 
and together you're making your big city plans 
and you hope he don't find out about who you are 
that we used to catch fireflies in mason jars 
and we used to go down to the county fair 
and we listened to blue grass in summer air 
and we danced all night as the rain came down 
and you held my hand as we slept on the ground 
and we wrote our names in the old oak wood 
I guess some things don't work out like they should. 

Do you miss me? 
Do you miss me? 
Do you miss me? 
Do you miss me? 
Do you miss me? 
Do you miss me? 

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