Joe Bonamassa


Joe Bonamassa

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Intro:  Bm  
Verse 1:
           Em                      Bm 
All that I have is all that you've given me. 
        Em                          Bm 
Did you ever worry that I'd come to depend on you? 
           Em            Bm 
I gave you all my love I had in me, 
          F#                            Bm 
And now I find you've lied, and I can't believe it's true. 

Link: Em  Bm  F# 

Verse 2: 
               Em               Bm 
Wrapped in her arms - I see you across the street, 
            Em                      Bm 
And I can't help but wonder, if she knows what's goin on. 
        Em                              Bm 
Oh, you talk of love but you don't know how it feels, 
         Em                  Bm 
When you realise that you're not the only one... 

Bm Bm7 D G F# Bm E Oooooooh, you'd better stop before you tear me all apart G F# Bm Bm/C# Bm/D D/F# E You'd better stop before you go and break my heart! G A Bm F#7 Bm Oooooh, you'd better stop...
Verse 3: Em Bm Time after time I tried to walk away, Em Bm But it's not that easy when your soul is torn in two. Em Bm So I just resign myself to it everyday, Em Bm Now all I can do is leave it up to you... SOLO 1: Bm A G F# Em D C#5 F# Bm C#5 D Em F# Em D C#5 BRIDGE: (A Bm ) Oh you'd better stop if you love me.. (A Bm ) Oh, its time to be sorry..... (A Bm ) No, it wont last forever..... (A Bm ) I wont believe that you walked out on me... (A Bm ) Link: Bm C# D Em Bm Bm7 D G F# Bm E Oooooooh, you'd better stop before you tear me all apart G F# Bm Bm/C# Bm/D D/F# E You'd better stop before you break my lovelly heart! OUTRO G F# Oooooh, you'd better... G F# Whaaa-ooo you'd better..... G F# Whaaa-ooo you'd better.....STOP ! SOLO 2: Bm

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