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's Wonderful Chords

Joo Gilberto

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by hebealmeida

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's Wonderful

Year: 1977 - Album: Amoroso

  		F7M      F6 
Am7      D7(9-) 

          Gm7     C7(9-)   F7M   F6 
You should care for me 
F7M    F6 
Awfully nice 
Am7      D7(9-) 
It's paradise 

Gm7     C7(9-)     F7M    E7(13-) 
How I long to be 
A7M      E7(13-) 
You make my life 

so glamorous 

Am6      G#(b13)      Gm7    C7(9-) 
You can't blame me for feeling amorous 

F7M    F  G# 
Wonderful, marvelous... 

Gm7    C7(9-)  F7M  F6 
that you should care for me 

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