Jimmy Wayne

Just A Dream

Jimmy Wayne

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Just A Dream

	  		D       A          Em         G     
I had a dream last night that you weren't in my life 
D          A         Em G                           A       
It felt so real that I  woke up reachin' for you baby 
             Em  A         Em  
What would I do, if ever I lost you 

D A I would walk this earth, I would sail the seas G A I would climb the highest mountain, get down on my knees D A And pray for a miracle god bring her back to me G A D That's what I'd do but it was just a dream, just a dream
Never before, have I felt so much relief inside Till I opened my eyes and you, were lying there beside me baby What would I do, if I ever lost you Chorus Bridge: C G And thank god that's all it was Em But it proved to me how much G A I love you, and without you, what would I do Switch Key to E Chorus

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