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Secrets I Told My Cat Chords

Jimi Hocking

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Secrets I Told My Cat

Tabbing Attempt: Tony Mills (tony.mills@dsto.defence.gov.au) 
I love this song. Watching him play this I think its pretty close,   
some words may be wrong they're done from memory. 
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Intro (listen to a recording for the timing) E-7------------7-------------7----------------------------------- B------------------------------------------------9---9--7--5----- G--9\----9-------9\---9-7-9----9\----------9-8-7---7------------- D-----7-------------7-------------7-7----7----------------------- A---------------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------------
Chords: Bsus4 Asus Verse: Bsus4 Asus Sitting on my own Theres too many fools Bsus4 Asus Talking to the man Theres too many rules G D Dsus4 D E I dont want to play I don't want to stay I just want to say Bsus4 Asus I cant sleep at night Bsus4 Asus I keep waking up in fright G D Dsus4 D E If you keep walking tall I guess the writings on the wall Chorus: G Am C G There was a time you didn't need me Am C G There was a moment you didn't touch me Am C G And at this time You cant have me Bridge: F C G F C G F C G F C G Its only broken bones Living on my own F C G F C G I know where It's at Its a secret I told my cat

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