Jimi Hendrix

One Rainy Wish

Jimi Hendrix

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One Rainy Wish

Year: 1967 - Album: Axis: Bold As Love

E                               Aadd9 
Gold and rose the color of the dream I had 
                  E                         A 
not too long ago. A misty blue and the lilac 
       E                   C#m 
too a never  to grow old  a there you were under 
     Asus2                 E                  C#m7 
the tree of song   sleeping so peacefully 
E                A                 C#m7  
In your hand a flower played , a waiting 
there for me.   
                Ab    B      F#            C# 
I have never laid eyes on you not like before                                
   Ab          B   F#7          C#         Ab    
this timeless day.  A but you walked and ya once 
   B          F#7           C#   Ab        B 
smiled my name and you stole my heart away 
     F#7             C#                  Ab   B 
Ah, stole my heart away little girl, yeah  ______alright! 
C#   Ab   B  F#7  (chords during solo) 
Solo (I will post this in complete w/ solo) 
E                               Aadd9          E             C#m 
Gold and rose the color of the dream I had,____not too long ago 
E               A           E5            C#m 
Misty blue and lilac too a never grow to old 
   E5                              A                                                     
A gold and rose the color of the dream I had. 
E               C#m         E5                D5            A 
Misty blue and lilac too.  Gold and rose the color of the dream I had 

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