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Transcribed by: Dwight Lanier ([email protected])  
tuning:  Db Ab Db F Bb Db	 
            D            Dmaj7/C#         D 
       D            Dmaj7/C#    D 
	My bones are tired,         Dad-dy. 
           D                Dmaj7/C#       D 
	I don't   get e-nough sleep. 
               D                  Dmaj7/C#   D 
	I don't eat    as good as I could,       Dad-dy. 
                D           Dmaj7/C#     D 
	What's that say a-bout   me?              (play 18 times) 
               D            Dmaj7/C#             D 
            My     bones    are tired,              Dad-dy. 
You know, sometimes I sleep past noon, Daddy. 
Drink lots of black coffee and I smoke like a chimney. 
Yes,I left the refrigerator door half-open, Daddy. 
What's that say about me? 
Sometimes I want to rip out your throat, Daddy,  
For all those things you said that were mean. 
I'm gonna make you just as vulnerable as I was, Daddy. 
What's that say about me? 
Sometimes i want to bash your in your teeth, Daddy. 
Gonna use your tounge as a stamp. 
I'm gonna rip your heart out the way you did mine, Daddy. 
Go ahead an' psychoanalyze that. 
'Cause I'm your creation, I'm your love, Daddy.
Grew up to be and do all those sick things you said that I would do. 
Well, last night i saw you sneak out your window 
With your white hood, Daddy. 
What's that say about you? 
I'm sloppy; what's that say about you? 
I'm messy; what's that say about you? 
(to outro:) 


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