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Sometimes A Memory Ain't Enough Chords

Jerry Lee Lewis

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by educastilho

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Sometimes A Memory Ain't Enough

  		G                       C 
I have your pictures to look at  
      G                             D7 
And a memory that helps me when I'm blue 
  G                              C             G 
I play those old records that we used to dance to 
                       D7                G 
But these things can't take the place of you 
I need real live arms to hold me  
G                               D7 
Warm and tender lips that I can touch  yes I do 
G                       C 
I play my game but it's not the same  
G                   D7         G 
Sometimes a memory  just ain't enough 
The thoughts of you help me keep my mind together 
    G                                  D7 
And though it doesn't always help it's true 
  G                                          C 
Remembering darling that one time you really loved me 
   G                 D7             G 
It helps to ease the pain of losing you 

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