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Echoes Chords

Jerry Lee Lewis

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by renejunior

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  		G                                G7 
Memories and bitter tears all my dreams down through the years 

D7                    C             G 
All gone at last with chimes of the past 

This echo in my heart that crawls from deep within 

    D7                         C                 G 
And I know that I'm paying for love's unforgiven sin 

Echoes echoes of your love keeps calling me 

D7                            C           G 
Echoes of your love will they ever let me be 

A feeling I can feel of things I just can't see 

   D7                 C       G 
An unseen voice keeps calling me 

          C                       G 
There's a pain in my heart that I know I can feel 

  A7                               D7 
A shattered set of dreams that can never never be real 

G                  G7 
Echoes echoes they shrill in my ears 

D7                       C          G 
Through my troubled mind year after year 

And to a lonely heart that is paying the price 

D7                     C          G 
The price for love's unforgivable sins 

                              D7          G 
Echoes of your love will they ever let me be 

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