Jeremy Camp

Beautiful One

Jeremy Camp

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Beautiful One

Year: 2004 - Album: Live Unplugged

	  		Intro - Amaj7   B/A  Amaj7  G/A  A  Bm   
            G  Amaj7  Bm   
            G  Amaj7  Dmaj7   
Verse 1:   
G                    A         
Wonderful    so   wonderful   
Is   your   unfailing   love   
       G                     A              Bm  
Your   cross  has   spoken   mercy   over   me   
     G                         A                 
No   eye   has   seen    no   ear   has   heard   
No   heart   could   fully   know   
      G                 A                 D   
How   glorious    how   beautiful   You   are...   
G A Beautiful One I love You G A Beautiful One I adore G A D Beautiful One my soul must sing!
Verse 2: G A Powerful so powerful D Your glory fills the skies G A Bm Your mighty works displayed for all to see G A The beauty of your majesty D Awakes my heart to sing G A D How marvelous how wonderful you are... Chorus (2x) Bridge (2x): G A You opened my eyes to your wonders anew G A You captured my heart with this love G A D Because nothing on earth is as beautiful as You... Chorus (2x) Bridge

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