Jean Ritchie

Black Waters

Jean Ritchie

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Black Waters

(Jean Ritchie)

Capo on 2nd fret

         E                                          B7             E     
I come from the mountains, Kentucky's my home,  
                     E                                             B7          E               
Where the wild deer and the black bear so lately did roam.  
           A                                                       E        
By cool rushing waterfalls the wildflowers dream,  
                         E                                B7                            
And through every green valley there runs a clear stream.  
                           E                                        A  
Now there's scenes of destruction on every hand,  
                       E                               B7                    E  
And there only black waters run down through my land.  
                               A                                         E  
Sad scenes of destruction on every hand, E B7 E Black waters, black waters run down through the land.
E B7 E Oh the quail, she's a pretty bird, she sings a sweet tongue. E B7 E In the roots of the tall timber(s) she nests with her young. A E But the hillside explodes with the dynamite's roar E B7 And the voices of the small birds are will sound there no more; E A And the hillsides come a-sliding so awful and grand, E B7 E And the flooding black waters rise over my land. (Refrain) E B7 E In the rising of the springtime we planted our corn. E B7 E In the ending of the springtime we buried a son. A E In the summer come a nice man, says, "Everything's fine. E B7 My employer just requires a way to his mine." A E Then they threw down the mountains and covered my corn, E B7 And the grave on the hillside's a mile deeper down, E A And the man stands and talks with his hat in his hand E B7 E As the poisonous water spreads over my land. (Refrain) E B7 E Well, I ain got no money, not much of a home. E B7 E I own my own land, but my land's not my own. A E But, if I had ten million, somewhere thereabouts, E B7 I would buy Perry County and I'd run 'em all out! E A Set down on the bank with my bait in my can E B7 E And just watch the clear waters run down through my land.
E A Now, wouldn't that be like the old promised land? E B7 E Black waters, black waters no more in our land.
(Repeat final refrain)

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