JC superstar


JC superstar

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	  		       Bbm     Bbm/Ab   Bbm/Gb  Bbm/F 
Jesus:   I only want to say 
       Ebm        Ebm/Db   Ebm/C  Ebm/Bb 
         If there   is   a way 
       Ab         Asus  Ab   Dbsus Db          F          F+  F Bbmsus 
         Take this cup   a - way   from me for   I don't want to taste - 
         It's poison 
      Gb                 Bbm/F 
         Feel it burn me,     I have changed 
      C7                       F     F+     F7      F 
         I'm not as sure as   when   we     star - ted. 
          Bbm  Bbm7+              Bbm7    Bbm6 
         Then        I  was    inspired 
      Ebm    Ebm/Db        Ebm/C  Ebm/Bb 
         Now   I'm sad and tired 
      Ab        Absus  Ab7  Dbsus Db/F Db9  Db  F       F+ F7 
         Listen sure - ly   I've  ex - cu - ded    expectations 
      Bbmsus        Bbm9  Bbm/Db  Gb 
         Tried for three years   seems like thirty 
      Bbm/F                F                   Bbm 
         Could you ask as much from any other man ? 
      Bbm  Ab  Gb  F 
      But  if  I  die 
      Bbm             Ab                Gb              F 
      See the Saga through and do the things you ask of me 
      Bbm                Ab               Gb               F 
      Let them hate me, hit me, hurt me, nail me to their tree 
      Bbm                           Eb major! 
      I'd wanna know I'd wanna know my God 
      Bbm                           Eb      ... 
      I'd wanna see I'd wanna see my God 


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