From This Moment On


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From This Moment On

	  		From This Moment On 

   Note: Original key is 1/2 step higher (G#) 

   Intro: G-F#m7-G-A7-; 
          A-G-F#m7-; (2x) 

            G                  F#m7/D 
   All of my life I felt the hunger 
            Bm7    G       F#m7/D 
   Wondering what it's gonna take 
                Bm7    G           F#m7/D 
   To find me a place called happiness 
                      Bm7     G       F#m7/D 
   Somewhere that hearts don't ever break 
   Destiny carry me 
                     Bm7          F#m7-F#m7/D 
   To the river of my sweetest dreams 
   You were a heart beat away 
          G                        A/C#-A 
   And I knew I would find you someday 

   From this moment on 
   Until my life is done 
   There was me and you 
                   A    Bm7 
   And that's all we need 
         G               A 
   We'll go wherever life may lead 
   From this moment on 
   You're my only one 
                Em7       A            Bm7 
   All the lonely days and nights are done 
   'Cause we're together  
     A              D 
   From this moment on 

              G                  F#m7/D 
   I was so blind to learn my lessons 
               Bm7     G     F#m7/D 
   Never this wild romantic soul 
                  Bm7     G            F#m7/D 
   Fate was the burning flame that burned me 
                 Bm7     G       F#m7/D 
   When love had left me in the cold 
   Reality feels so good 
                     Bm7                     F#m7/D 
   'Cause I'm touching something real and true 
               Em7                  G 
   And now, whatever I'll do it forever 
   I'll do it with you 

   (Repeat Chorus) 

   It's funny how you fin'lly know that 
     G                      F#m7 
   Someday, somewhere, someone's meant for you 
   You can lead the search and waiting 
                       F#m7  G 
   Hoping, praying behind you 
   G  A     Bm7           A   
   I know where love gets through 
    A pause         E 
   From this moment on 

   Adlib: E-A-F#m7-B-C#m7 

            A            B 
   'Cause we're together 

   (Repeat Chorus moving chords 1 step  higher, fade) 

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