Jay Som

Unlimited Touch

Jay Som

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Unlimited Touch

F Am C Am (x4) 

Verse: 1 
F              Am7 
I think I need a break 
C                  Am7 
My head sticks out of place 
F              Am7 
I need to take a walk 
C                   Am7 
I'll sleep when morning comes 
F          Am            C   Am 
If I can't breathe under the sheets 
        F                   Em  Fmaj7 
I'll be walking over the stars 

     C           G            Am Fmaj7 G Fmaj7 F 
This fear I hold inside of me 
  C              G            Am 
I hide so no one else can see 

F G When I am up I'll sing Am G F I'll dance 'til the sun's up G Am Hang around with my friends C F Take us for a ride G Am G F I'll sing, I'll dance 'til the sun's up
Instrumental F Am C Am (x4) Verse: 2 F Am7 I guess we're near the end C Am7 I find this hard to begin F Am7 I'll think about what's next C Am7 And I'll drown in sorrowful bliss F Am7 C Am7 F Am7 Outro G F C F F Am G F Am C F Am G F Am7 Am C F G G7 (x2) F Am C Am (x3) F Am

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