Jay and The Americans


Jay and The Americans

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	  		Crying:Jay And The Americans. 
Billboard #25 and CashBox #32 in 1966. 

Intro:  D 

I was all right for a while..I could smile for a while. 
But I saw you last night, you held my hand so tight.. 
       G              Gm 
as you stopped to say hello. 
         D                   A7 
Oh, you wished me well, you couldn't tell..that I'd been.. 

D F#m D F#m Cryyyying over you..crrrrying over you. G A G A Then you said so long, left me standing all alone.. D Daug G Gm7 alone and crying, crying, crying, crying. D A7 It's hard to understand..but the touch of your hand, D can start me crying.
#2. D I thought that I was over you..but it's true, so true. Daug I love you even more than I did before.. G Gm but darling, what can I do? D A7 Now, you don't love me..and I'll always be..
D F#m D F#m Cryyyyying, over you..cryyyying, over you. G A G A Yes, now you're gone..and from this moment on.. D Daug G Gm7 I'll be crying, crying, crying, crying..
OUTRO: D Bm G A7 D I'm cryyyyying, cryyyying..oooooo..ver yooouuu. A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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