Jason Webley


Jason Webley

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Six long months at sea, 
now a warmer current brings 
F#m                                    D 
echoed fragments of a song I think we wrote. 
With a worn thin book of maps 
and our faith so full of holes 
        F#m                       D 
it?s a miracle we even stayed afloat. 

          A                         D 
We could taste the salt through our fingertips 
     F#m                E 
and knew the time had come, 
        A                  D 
so we said goodbye to the lives we?d lived 
      F#m               E 
and pulled our anchor up. 

        A           E             F#m      D 
Now we scrape the barnacles from all our hearts 
        A                E          F#m  D 
and we row the boat to shore, hallelujah. 
         A        E        F#m     D 
You can feel the end even as we start. 
    A                E          F#m  D 
We row the boat to shore, hallelujah. 

     A                          E 
I'm just on letting go all the things I used to own. 
       F#m                                D 
Now I guess the tides are changing once again. 
  A                            E 
I got so goddamned good at navigating on my own, 
      F#m                                    D 
but I guess it?s time to bring the old boat in. 

             A                         D 
Well, I?ve worked so hard to get my sea legs, 
           F#m                   E 
and I?ve earned these calloused hands. 
        A                    D 
But I drank this ocean down to the dregs; 
         F#m              Em 
now I?m thirsty for dry land. 

        A           E              F#m      D     
Now I scrape these barnacles from all my heart 
       A                E      F#m    D 
and I row the boat to shore, hallelujah. 
        A       E        F#m      D 
I heard sirens sing themselves apart, 
      A                E 
so I row the boat to shore. 
   F#m              D           A   E 
I row the boat to shore, halleluuuuu 
 F#m     D 
      A  E 
     F#m  D 
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