Jason Mraz

Prettiest Friend

Jason Mraz

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Prettiest Friend

	  		C                          G 
This is what I look like today  
         Am                        Em7 
And I?m trying not to pull out my hair  
      F                               C                             G 
I?m trying hard to grow it ?cause I?m far too shy to show it back there  
	C			  G 
That?s probably why I like wearing hats  
	   Am				Em7 
There?s no denying I?m deferring the facts  
F			      C 
Avoiding confrontation lacks tact in a situation  
G			Em7 
Behind every line is a lesson yet to learn  

Dm	    G		C			    Am 
But if you ask me, the feeling that I?m feeling is overwhelming  
    Dm		    G			  C 
And oh, it goes to show, I?ve so much to know  

  C			      G 
I wrote this for my prettiest friend  
	  Am			   Em7 
But while trying not to prove that I care 
F			C			G 
Trying not to make all my moves in one motion and scare her away  
     C				  G 
Well she can't see she's making me crazy now  
  Am				Em7 
I don't believe she knows she's amazing how  
	   F			C 
She has me holding my breath, so I?d never guess  
	   G			Em7 
That I?m a none such unsuitable, suited for her  

Dm	    G		C			      Am 
But if you ask me, the feeling that I?m feeling is complimentary  
    Dm		   G	     C			    Am 
And oh, it goes to show, the moral of the story is boy loves girl  
	Dm			     G    		C 
And oh-whoa love, the way that it unfolds is yet to be told  

   	    Am		Em7		     F			     C 
I know that I should be brave, ?cause even pretty can be seen by the blind  
	   Am	      Em7	      F			          G 
I know that I cannot wait, until the day we finally learn how to find each other, 
Redefining open minds 

Dm	    G	        C			    Am 
And if you ask me, the feeling that I?m feeling is overjoyed  
           Dm		     G 
And it's golden; it goes to show then, 
     C				   Am 
The ending of this song should be left alone  
     Dm		       G		 	   C 
And whoa-oh love, the way it unfolds is yet to be told

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